A consultant in the accounting field simply must have a stellar reputation. New business is gained through referrals from clients who know and trust a firm. Royal Accounting LLC does not rely on advertising and fancy brochures. We rely on word of mouth from our satisfied clients. Here is what other business professionals say about Mary K. Schmitz, President of Royal Accounting LLC:

"Mary's guidance in getting me set up with QuickBooks was invaluable. As an Entrepreneur starting multiple businesses, there was always something more urgent pulling me away from the growing stack of financial paperwork; yet I knew it needed to be done. Mary was able to take the mess I had created, and develop a system that enabled me to really see where my business' finances actually stood."
Byron N. Denhart, Owner
The Student Valet, Inc. & Denhart Aerial Promotions, Inc.
"Mary has not only helped Holy Cross Parish set up accounts, an income statement and balance sheet in QuickBooks but has also helped organize the Parish's financial files, create reports in Excel and audit various departmental accounts. Her services and advice have been invaluable in helping the Parish to establish its present and future cash flow positions."
Dan Crawmer, Trustee
Holy Cross Catholic Parish
"We needed help from a group with a strong systems-based understanding and a detailed accounting background. With the assistance of our primary accounting firm Clifton Gunderson we were introduced to Mary Schmitz of Royal Accounting, and have been working successfully with her for more that 18 months.
...Her aptitude in coming up to speed on the ERP system itself, the details of our operations, and the needs of our staff was unbelievable. In learning the system, she discovered weaknesses in the initial set up that caused it to require constant attention and maintenance.
...The intern, a third year student in accounting at the University of Illinois, found Mary's system document straight forward and easy to apply. She has been 'running' the system for 6 months and has been able to complete this will little involvement from the outside. This change resulted in significant overhead reductions in managing our ERP and accounting systems. With the system now operating at its optimal efficiency, our information and reporting is timely and accurate; and our staff can now focus on the core of our business – selling refreshing beverages to the wonderful people of Champaign-Urbana."
John T. Comet, Principal
The Pepsi-Cola Champaign Urbana Bottling Co.
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